Music keeps the blood flowing through your veins when the Nights are too short and Memories are Forever. 


Ready to set the mood and ensure your guests have a great time at your event? Make sure your guests are entertained and dance the night away! Whether it's mixing a fresh beat or stringing together the right sequence of classic hits  - ­­we are always prepared!

-Hip-Hop/Scratch Sets
-Lounge /Tropical House
-Deep /Future­­­­ House
-Trap / Electro House 


Need someone to produce some songs for you or your client?
It will be hard to find someone as dedicated and motivated as us.
When Money is an issue, there's no problem! Only solutions!

Music is an important part of everyone’s life and it is always present at every great event. This is what keeps us going – Our love for beauty, art and music. This is a large part of what keeps Premium Sound & Events performing at the highest level on a mission to redefine the expectation and the standard of excellence in our industry. 

General information


Provide an extremely rich repertoire – covering all genres, so that we are able to please any crowd. 

Library of over 60,000 Hits, and Full Access to any song imaginable. 

Type of events

It doesn’t matter what type of the event you are organizing: wedding, fashion shows, conferences, anniversaries, receptions, concerts, product lauches, corporate parties, etc – I can cover anything thanks to our fully customized program and diverse repertoire. Just call for more details.


The prices displayed on the website are estimates. The final cost may vary depending on the number of activities and/or announcements, the duration of the event, the number of guests and the location. For more details, please contact Matthew Grundman.